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La Meute Board of Directors (2023)

First row, left to right:

Mélanie Rose, Advisor

Denise Petitpas, Advisor

Annique Maheu, Secretary

Second row, left to right:

Joëlle Roy, Executive Director

Ginette Pelletier, President

Céline Reynolds, Treasurer

Michel Payment, Advisor



La Meute culturelle de Lafontaine is the umbrella organization that includes the Le Festival du Loup, Le Musée Vivant de Lafontaine and Les Contes de Lafontaine.


La Meute's mandate is to be a transmitter of cultural baggage from past and present generations to future generations. Through various activities, projects and events, which are opportunities to experience this French language and culture, La Meute will promote Francophone pride.


A dynamic cultural mediator that unites the strengths of the community with its inclusive approach, La Meute ensures the outreach and promotion of French language and culture to the population of Simcoe and beyond by offering recognized cultural and heritage programming for its excellence and authenticity. Thanks to a growing number of partners and participants, La Meute animates cultural life in the rural and agricultural village of Lafontaine and strengthens the pride and sense of belonging within the Francophone community.


La Meute's board of directors is made up of at least five members. To sit on the committee, you must attend the annual General Meeting, which takes place in February. For more information, email or call 705 543-1535.

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