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Le Festival du Loup is a celebration of the Francophonie through arts and heritage. Based on the legend of the wolf of Lafontaine, this Francophone community gathering welcomes the extended family who celebrate with us our proud identity.

The Festival takes place the 3rd weekend of July each year. a parade of tractors, a field day filled with activities for the whole family, and an evening of music (including the Great Howl).

Festival du Loup 2022
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At a community meeting in 2000, which aimed to found a museum for our heritage, more than 60 people discussed in groups to try to define what kind of museum we wanted to create. The purchase of a building (without money) and the maintenance of such a building (still without source of income) wanted us to drop the idea of ​​having a building. We wanted, more or less, a living museum. There are many ways to create living museums, but the key issue was funding. This is where the idea of ​​a festival came from; a local music festival as a way to raise funds for a museum. It was from this evening at the Lafontaine Salle Paroissiale that the idea of ​​the Wolf Festival came about. A group came together to follow up. After a round table, a brave man, with the help of those present, accepted the responsibility of organizing the first festival. It was volunteering.


Le Festival du Loup de Lafontaine took its name from the legend of the Lafontaine Wolf written by Father Thomas Marchildon in the 1950s. The wolf was the symbol of gathering, that is, it created enough fear to unite a community which, at the turn of the 20th century, had difficulty speaking to each other even though they were all French speakers who practiced the same religion. It is this legendary wolf that has given the inhabitants of the concessions a common goal: to seek to kill it. CLICK HERE to watch the legend of the Lafontaine wolf! To learn more, visit the Encyclopédie du patrimoine culturel de l’Amérique française.


The Festival du loup celebrates the music, culture and history of the Lafontaine region. The spirit of a legendary wolf brings people together for a common cause: to celebrate its heritage and culture through a festival of music, games, exhibits, food, demonstrations and crafts .



The day begins with the annual tractor parade, featuring an impressive array of assorted tractors from across the region. These are then put on display at Lafontaine Park, where several festival activities take place. At the park, it's a country day: children's corner (inflatable games and various activities), music and animation under the tent, kiosks of crafts and local organizations,  food, wolf auction, exhibitions and more! A day not to be missed for the whole family!



Come join us for a Metis Fish Fry and Kitchen Party at the Robert Robitaille Pavilion. Music by the Red Hot Stove Pipe! You can also participate in our «Minute to Win It» Family Competition (Potato Edition), or in our Traditional Log Sawing Contest.




Saturday night is the big party! It's the evening of the Great Howl, an evening filled with live music that will undoubtedly make you dance! The evening begins with the key event of the festival: the howling competition. Young and old come on stage to howl with all their might. It's a competition like no other!